Phytochemical evaluation and molluscicidal activity of Andrographis paniculata



Andrographis paniculata Nees (Acanthaceae), commonly known as “Kalmegh” is traditionally used medicinal plant. In present study the laboratory evaluations were made to assess the preliminary phytochemical screening and molluscicidal activity of Andrographis paniculata. Maximum extractive value (3.134%) was found in water extract among test solvents. All the tested metabolites were qualitatively present in ethanolic extract. Regarding molluscicidal activity, the acute toxicity of the extracts on Lymnaea acuminata was evaluated by a rapid screening procedure. Among the different plant parts (root, stem and leaf) powder and ethanolic extract showed LC50 at 295.55mg/L and 19.73mg/L respectively. Screening of plant extracts represents a continuous effort to find new antiparasitic drugs.
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