Rhythmic development of some native species of blackberries (Rubus L., Corylifolii, Rosaceae) from the collection of Dendrological Garden of University of Life Sciences in Poznań



In current study 13 native Rubus species of Corylifolii section, cultivated in the Dendrological Garden of University of Life Sciences in Poznań, were investigated. Phenology and growth rate of vegetative and generative stems of these plants were analyzed. Some habitat factors (temperature and precipitation) were also taken into consideration. The differences in seasonal rhythm of individual taxa were noticed. The life cycles of some species were disturbed. Weather conditions were the most important factors to have an significant influence on seasonal rhythm of Rubus species. In general, in 2008 rainfall deficiency during the vegetation caused flower and fruit disorders and the earlier dye coloration of leaves and leaf-fall. But the drought did not always affect growth rate of generative shoots.
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