The use of RAPD markers for detecting genetic similarity and molecular identification of chamomile (Chamomilla recutita (L.) Rausch.) genotypes



The objectives of this study was to assess the of genetic similarity and identification of 13 wild species and 7 cultivars of chamomile using RAPD markers. 53 RAPD primers were screened, only 12 produced polymorphic and repeatable fragments. In total, all primers used produced 157 fragments out of which 149 were polymorphic. The RAPDbased genetic similarity was estimated. Genetic similarity matrix was applied for cluster analysis through UPGM A method. On the dendrogram, only genotypes from Austria, Czech Republic as weel as genotypes collected in area of Lublin were grouped together. The remaining genotypes from the same area were located in different groups. Present study demonstrated that RAPD markers provided a practical and effective method not only to evaluate the genetic similarity and relationships but also to identify chamomile genotypes.
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