Herbal plants in multi-year fallows in the Karczmiska commune



The paper presents a list of plant species with medicinal properties growing in fallows in the Karczmiska commune. The study was carried out in the years 2004-2006; based on phytosociological records using Braun-Blanquet method. Herbal raw material, geographical and historical group, living form, phytosociological unit and stability degree were specified for each species. There were 131 medicinal plants found in the studied area, including 45 species used in Polish official medicine. The research results show that: 1) with regard to their biological type, a majority of medicinal species belonged to hemicryptophytes; 2) the most numerous group in the flora of the studied fallows consisted of native species i.e. apophytes; 3) a vast majority of the herbs were rare species that occurred in less than 20% records.
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