Contents and chemical composition of essential oils from wild strawberry (Fragaria vesca L.)



The qualitative and quantitative composition of essential oils obtained from whole leaves and inflorescences of two cultivars wild strawberry (΄Rugia` and ΄Baron von Solemacher` cv.) by means of steam and xylene distillation method, was compared. Material harvested at full flowering stage in 2008 and 2009 was subjected to study. Depending on a cultivar, air-dry inflorescences from wild strawberry contain from 0.21% (΄Baron von Solemacher` cv.) to 0.30% (΄Rugia` cv.), whereas leaves contains from 0.46% (΄Baron von Solemacher` cv.) to 0.62% (΄Rugia` cv.) of essential oils. GC/MS analysis of essential oils achieved from studied materials revealed presence of 70 (including 59 identified) compounds in leaves of ΄Rugia` cv. and 58 (including 50 identified) compounds in leaves of ΄Baron von Solemacher` cv. Essential oils from inflorescences of ΄Rugia` cv. contained 52 (including 47 identified), while ΄Baron von Solemacher` cv. contained 54 (including 46 identified) compounds. The chromatographic analyses by GC-MS revealed that myrthenol, nonal, linalool and phthalide dibuthyl dominated in essential oils obtained from leaves, while myrthenol, citronelol, linalool and geraniol – from those of inflorescences. There were qualitative differences between oil components at both studied materials and differentiation between both cultivars, as well. Key words: Fragaria vesca,L., essential oils, cultivars, phenotypic variability, genetic variability
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