Formulation and profile of pharmaceutical availability from a model oral solid form of a drug of phytochemicals contained in dry Taraxacum officinale extract



Introduction: Dandelion (Taraxacum officinale coll.), also called the common dandelion grows wild throughout Europe, Asia and the Americas. It is a perennial plant of the family of Asteraceae, having powerful healing properties. The entire plant – flowers, roots and leaves – is the medicinal raw material. Objective: The aim of this study was to manufacture model tablets of pharmacopoeial disintegration time by direct compression of dry titrated extract of dandelion with selected excipients. Methods: Tablets were obtained by direct compression using reciprocating tableting machine (Erweka). Morphological parameters – hardness, friability, disintegration time in pharmacopoeial acceptor fluids were investigated using Erweka equipment. Their actual surface area was also calculated. There was also tested the rate of dissolution of phytochemicals from model tablets in the presence of excipients in pharmacopoeial acceptor fluids ( V=1.0 dm3) by the method of a basket in Erweka apparatus. Spectrophotometric determinations were performed. Results: It results from the morphological studies of model tablets containing Ext. Taraxaci e radix cum herba aqu. siccum that they are characterized by comparable surface and friability at varying hardness, the latter depending on the applied excipients. This is reflected in the effective disintegration time in model acceptor fluids consistent with pharmacopoeial requirements. Conclusions: The used excipients enabled to produce model tablets containing dry extract of dandelion by direct compression. The obtained results demonstrated that microcrystalline Prosolv-type cellulose, Vivapur 200 and Emdex were compatible with the structure of the extract of dandelion. They allow to manufacture a model solid oral dosage forms of the desired morphological parameters and effective disintegration time complying with the pharmacopoeial requirements.
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