Haploid embryogenesis in capsaicinoid forms of soft-flesh Capsicum spp.



The investigated material involved three pungent soft-flesh forms selected from a Capsicum frutescens L. x C. annuum L. hybrid. Capsaicinoid contents, determined by the HPLC technique in the fruit pericarp, amounted to 100 mg.kg-1. The anthers were cultured in vitro employing the method described by Chambonnet (1988) for C. annuum L. with modification involving an increase in kinetin content in R1 medium to 0.2 mg.dm-3. The efficacy of embryogenesis ranged between 0.25% and 4.12%, related to the ratio of the number of obtained plants to the number of cultured anthers, depending on genotype and the employed medium. Conversion of the embryos into plants and the general efficacy of androgenesis were highest in one line. In all of them, cytometrically determined DNA content in cells of leaves in the obtained regenerates amounted 1C. Key words: DNA content, genotype response, haploid, kinetin
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