Review of taxons from genus Muscari cultivated in Department of Ornamental Plants in Szczecin



There is a great disarray in the taxonomy of genus Muscari. About 200 taxons are cultivated. Many plant names have their synonyms. The most often cultivated taxons are Muscari armeniacum and M. botryoides. Also M. aucheri and M. latifolium have become more popular. It is difficult to find information on growth, development and hardiness of grape hyacinths. In 2008−2009 in the Department of Ornamental Plants in West Pomeranian University of Technology in Szczecin a collection of taxons from genus Muscari was gathered. M. armeniacum and its cultivars: ‘Blue Spike’, ‘Cantab’, ‘Heavenly Blue’, ‘Atlantic’, ‘Blue Pearl’ and ‘Fantasy Creation’; M. aucheri and its cultivars ‘Blue Magic’, ‘Dark Eyes’, ‘Mount Hood’, ‘Sky Blue’ and ‘White Beauty’; M. azureum; M. botryoides; M. comosum; M. latifolium; M. macrocarpum; M. muscarimi; M. neglectum and M. ‘Valerie Finnis’ were collected and described in this article. Key words: Muscari, taxon, collection
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