Medicinal plants used in Chaharmahal and Bakhtyari districts of Iran



The folk herbal medicine among the ethnic communities Bakhtyari and Chaharmahali in Chaharmahal and Bakhtyari districts, South-West of Iran, was studied. A total number of 61 medicinal plant species belonging to 23 families are described. The most commonly represented families were Lamiaceae (18%), Asteraceae (13%), Fabaceae (11.5%) and Apiaceae (11.5%). Most of the uses were found to be new when compared with published literature on ethnomedicine of Iran. In general, inhabitants of the studied area still have a strong belief in the efficiency of medicinal plants. The results of the study reveal that some of species play an important role in primary healthcare system of these tribal communities. Key words: ethnobotany, Bakhtyari and Chaharmahali tribal, medicinal plants
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