A comprehensive review on bergenin, a potential hepatoprotective and antioxidative phytoconstituent



Bergenin (1) is a C-glucoside of 4-O-methylgallic acid that has been reported to occur naturally in several genera. It exhibits a wide array of biological activities and also in several cases is responsible for the traditional use of its natural sources. It has been shown to exhibit various pharmacological activities, and thus has several possible applications in clinical research. This review presents a comprehensive literature search of different studies carried out on this secondary metabolite, especially its hepatoprotective potential, antioxidative and antiviral effects as well as antiulcerogenic and antiarthritic activities. Bergenin seems to be a potent phytotherapeutic agent as demonstrated by experimental data in animal models. Therefore, further investigations may help in exploiting its properties and developing phyto-pharmaceuticals based on it.
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