Nigerian polyherbal-based hydrotherapy: a panacea to infectious diseases



A global society, including developed countries, continues to struggle with fatal diseases that are difficult to treat with Western medicine. A variety of infectious diseases have existed for ages, but in Africa they had been limited thanks to the Indigenous Knowledge System (IKS) prior to the introduction of cosmopolitan medicine. Influenza virus repression has been demonstrated by a number of herbal antivirals, yet the invaluable therapeutic potential of herbal medicine has been underestimated. Despite various reliable methods offered by Western medicine, the globally destructive COVID-19 pandemic requires a successful fight. The wisdom of African IKS used in tackling epidemics that have broken out in the past is brought to mind again. Pneumonia – a COVID-19 symptom, could be treated with polyherbal fomentation. Selected plants cultivated across Nigeria for hydrotherapy are under consideration to be used in proper doses. Given the potential associated with IKS, a multi-disciplinary approach involving experts in phytomedicine, ethnobotany, phytochemistry, plant physiology and ecology is necessary to unlock the therapeutic potential of traditional medicine.
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