Mucormycosis, a post-COVID infection: possible adjunctive herbal therapeutics for the realigning of impaired immune-metabolism in diabetic subjects



Cytokine storm is believed as a major root cause for multi-organ failure and death in severely infected diabetic patients with COVID-19. This condition is treated with anti-inflammatory drugs, mainly steroids, to recover people from critical conditions. However, steroid therapy causes immune suppression and uncontrolled hyperglycaemia in post-COVID. This altered immune-metabolism provides a fertile environment for the infection of a black fungus, Rhizopus arrhizus which causes mucormycosis in diabetic patients. It is a life-threatening infection causing death in different countries. It is treated either with anti-fungal drugs, surgical debridement, or adjunctive therapies. The available therapies for mucormycosis have been associated with several drawbacks. Thus, the present review has explored and suggested herbs-spices based adjunctive therapy for possible realignment of the impaired immune system in the post-COVID diabetic subjects. The consumption of herbal therapeutics after COVID-19 could realign the impaired immune-metabolism in the post-COVID and thereby exert prophylactic effects against mucormycosis. Furthermore, the suggested herbal sources could help in the discovery of novel therapeutics against the COVID-19 associated mucormycosis.
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