Significance of insects as medicinal plants pollinators in Poland – analysis of Flora ojczysta 2004 botanical database



The aim of the study was to analyze the significance of insects as pollinators of medicinal plants species occurring in natural state in Poland territory (some of them are also cultivated). Polish botanical database: Flora ojczysta 2004 was used as an analytical tool. Paper includes brief description of selected flower features connected with pollination by insects and their frequency in analyzed group of plant species. Study revealed great role of the insects in pollination of medicinal plants occurring in Poland. Over 82% of analyzed medicinal plants species are pollinated by insects. Most common colors of flowers (white, yellow and blue) suggest strong adaptation for honeybee (Apis mellifica) as a main pollinator. The frequency of insects’ pollination is slightly more popular in group of medicinal plants species than in other species included in database (not used in medicine).
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