Occurrence and characterization of Septoria carvi Syd. (Coelomycetes, Sphaeropsidales)



The macroscopic and microscopic characterization of fungus S. carvi and information on the occurrence of the pathogen on caraway are described. The cultures of 10 isolates were chosen randomly from the professional collection gathered during the studies of caraway diseases in 2001-2006. Identification of the pathogen was carried out on the basis of macroscopic and microscopic characterization in vivo and in vitro. The elements of fungi occurring on leaves, petioles, stems, umbels and schizocarps were studied in vivo. The cultures of fungus were studied on PDA medium at 24oC in dark conditions in vitro. Basing on macroscopic and microscopic characterization, the obtained isolates of the fungus were included in to Septoria carvi species. PDA medium was recognized as the best medium to cultivate and identification of S. carvi. The sizes of the fungus conidia obtained from PDA medium were approximate and comparable to those occurring on the host plant.
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