Comparison of peppermint teas in regard to essential oil content and its composition



Peppermint, a medicinal plant with a history going back to the time of Egyptian pharaohs, is used in phytotherapy today and, unequivocally, will be used in the future. Mint herb, widely used in the preparation of herbal teas, is very popular in many countries, especially in West Germany and North Africa. Dried Menthae piperitae herba is a marketable good. The annual consumption of peppermint herb comes to thousands of tons. GC analyses of dry peppermint raw material of different origin obtained in the market have demonstrated considerable variance in medically effective components. In addition, the constituents of peppermint essential oil differed from those of herbal teas. Quality of herb raw material is important in production of the pharmaceutical and cosmetic products, what was showed in dissimilar pharmacodynamic effects.
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