Effect of sowing date on quantity and quality of yield of chervil (Anthriscus cerefolium L. (Hoffm.) ssp. sativum) grown for a bunch harvest



The aim of the studies carried out in 2004-2006 was the estimation of quantity and quality of chervil yield according to the sowing: 10 April, 25 April and 10 May. On the base of obtained results it was said that the sowing date had a significant influence on the chervil yield, which was higher when the earliest date of sowing was used. However, there was no significant effect of sowing dates on the leaf blade mass and leafstalk mass in the mass of a single bunch. Participation of leaf blades in a bunch mass amounted from 63.4% for the latest sowing date to 55.5% when seeds were sown on 10 April. Moreover, the chervil yield was characterized by a quite high mineral compounds content, especially iron, manganese, zinc and copper. However, significant differences were found only in the content of calcium. The highest amount of this macroelement was noted in the second year of the experiment.
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