Antioxidant activity of selected herbal plants



The main aim of the study was to evaluate the antioxidant activity and total polyphenols content in fifteen herbal plants, such as chamomile flower head, oak bark, St. John’s-wort herb, hawthorn flower, dog rose and elder fruits, lingonberry leaf, and many more. From the herbs both the water and methanolic extracts were prepared. The highest antioxidant activity and the highest polyphenols level were obtained for lingonberry leaves (1752.9 mg Trolox/g d.w. and 199.6 mg catechin/g d.w., respectively). The oak bark, St. John’s-wort herb, and flowers of hawthorn and elder were also a very valuable source of antioxidant compounds. It was demonstrated that, in contrary to water, methanol was more efficient solvent for extraction of antioxidant compounds from lingonberry leaf, lime flower, fruits of elder and doge rose, oak bark, flowers of hawthorn, St. John’s-wort herb and heartsease herb. Therapeutic activity of some examined herbs did not depend on antioxidant activity.
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